NAIAS 2016 – Motor City Showcase

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The Detroit Auto show (aka North American International Auto Show – NAIAS 2016) is back in full swing at the remodeled Cobo Center in Detroit.

NAIAS - Detroit - 2016-17

NAIAS 2016

This year we didn’t score the Tuesday night party preview deal. Not sure why, but American Express didn’t offer a party. Instead we got some industry preview tickets and headed down with a few thousand other car geeks to see what NAIAS 2016 had to offer.

NAIAS - Detroit - 2016-25


It seems like every year our first stop is the classic beauty of Mercedes. Just look at these sweet lines.

NAIAS - Detroit - 2016-1

The new hardtop convertible was sharp and quite a few folks were quite mesmerized watching it open and close, over and over.

NAIAS - Detroit - 2016-4

Acura and Honda

Candy apple red and rocking the suicide doors, the Precision concept car is a sleek and sexy sedan. You can see the NSX had an influence on this ride.

NAIAS - Detroit - 2016-8

The economical yet sporty Honda Civic took home the North America Car of the Year award.

NAIAS - Detroit - 2016-11


The 2016 Camaro is a tough customer and looks ready to keep the battle raging with the Ford Mustang.

NAIAS - Detroit - 2016-13

The 2017 Bolt finally gives customers a car that can go 200 miles on a charge at a reasonable price (around $30k).  Not too shabby.

NAIAS - Detroit - 2016-14


The GT is now available in white and looks stunning. You could be like Speed Racer tooling around in this incredible machine.

NAIAS - Detroit - 2016-17

Alfa Romero

Say the word sedan and you may think of a car that your grandparents would love. The Giulia Quadrifoglio is not your grandparents sedan. The Italians definitely know how to make a beautiful car that demands attention.

NAIAS - Detroit - 2016-18


We really liked the Kia Sorento PacWest concept SUV. It definitely looks like it would be handy on a trip into the woods of the U.P.

NAIAS - Detroit - 2016-28

I’m not sure about the powder blue color, but the Optima convertible had a lot of people checking it out.

NAIAS - Detroit - 2016-29


The Impreza sedan concept gleamed in its ruby red brilliance and dazzled those at NAIAS 2016 who stopped to take a look.

NAIAS - Detroit - 2016-30


The LC 500 is a large and impressive machine with a grill that looks like it is ready to eat a Great White.

NAIAS - Detroit - 2016-32


While the focus at NAIAS 2016 is cars, there were a few very cool looking motorcycles at this years show. The Indian was my favorite with its old school muscular looks.

NAIAS - Detroit - 2016-33

The Victory gave the impression that it was searching for a wide open road to cruise.

NAIAS - Detroit - 2016-34

I’m pretty sure that Batman would love this mean looking Ducati.

NAIAS - Detroit - 2016-46


Henrik Fisker was back at NAIAS 2016 with Bob Lutz and the VLF Force 10. You can’t ignore the fact that this looks a lot like the Dodge Viper.

NAIAS - Detroit - 2016-36


The Tiguan concept is a plug-in hybrid SUV. We couldn’t help wonder if this offering would help with the company’s image problem or not.

NAIAS - Detroit - 2016-41


The Continental is back in 2017 and had a large crowd circling this luxury automobile.

NAIAS - Detroit - 2016-51

Off to the side in a sound proof room, Lincoln had a nice display of the MKZ with the spotlight on the Harman Revel speakers which you can get in your Lincoln. These speakers were superb with amazing clarity. I’m not sure I would leave the car if I had these bad boys installed.

NAIAS - Detroit - 2016-48

There are plenty more pictures from NAIAS 2016 in the gallery.

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