Motor City Comic Con 2016

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Batman, Dougal Mackenzie, Cersei Lannister, Jeremy Wheeler from Bang! Media, costumes, fantastic artwork, and collectibles galore were all at the 27th Motor City Comic Con.

Motor City Comic Con - 2016-39

Motor City Comic Con 2016

The Suburban Collection Showplace in Novi became a mecca for every comic book fan in Michigan over the weekend of May 14th. The 27th Motor City Comic Con welcomed all ages to a celebration of the bold and vibrant colors combined with scintillating stories that make comic books special. This place was packed with all kinds of goodies and there was a horde of fans on hand to enjoy every minute.

Motor City Comic Con - 2016-2

Media Stars

Motor City Comic Con pulled out all the stops with a wide array of media stars on hand to meet with fans. We didn’t get to see them all, but caught a few. Brenda was super stoked to see Graham McTavish as she is a huge Outlander fan.

Motor City Comic Con - 2016-1

This year marks 50 years since Batman hit the small screen. Just writing that makes me feel old. We didn’t see Burt Ward (Robin), but we did see Adam West.

Motor City Comic Con - 2016-181

Lea Thompson visited with fans for the 30th anniversary of “Back To The Future”. Again, I feel old, but Lea has not aged at all!

Motor City Comic Con - 2016-193

The Punisher, I mean Jon Bernthal had a big line of folks waiting to say hello and get an autograph. I hope to God they were on the right side of the law.

Motor City Comic Con - 2016-183

Mitch Pileggi from the X-Files and Brent Spiner from Star Trek were on hand. Fun fact, Star Trek turns 50 this year!

Motor City Comic Con - 2016-186
Motor City Comic Con - 2016-185

Comic Book Men Mike Zapcic and Ming Chen where very busy signing autographs and talking comics. Ming was rocking a cool Ann Arbor t-shirt.

Motor City Comic Con - 2016-195

Meet the Artists

I have always been in awe of the stunning artwork in comic books. The Motor City Comic Con had a boatload of artists at the convention to showcase their work and allow you to meet them. You could pick up that one poster or book that you just couldn’t live without. The Michigan connection was strong with many talented local artists represented at the show.

Dave Acosta

Dave is a great artist with lots of dynamic images. You can check out his latest work on Twilight Zone/The Shadow #2 on Dynamite Comics.

Motor City Comic Con - 2016-47

Bang! Media

Jeremy Wheeler was rocking his awesome poster art and his badass coloring book. I’ve got a few of Jeremy’s posters and we picked up a copy of his coloring book. I need to get my coloring pencils out.

Motor City Comic Con - 2016-95

Jason Gibner

Jason’s artwork is fun with a capital “F” and is endorsed by Lord Vader. I’m the proud owner of a Happy Hotdog painting.

Motor City Comic Con - 2016-96

Katie Cook

Katie is an awesome artist and apparently a turkey sandwich enthusiast. Her art is playful and adorable.

Motor City Comic Con - 2016-42

Erick Gutierrez

Erick brought his degenerate rabbit from Detroit for a visit to the Motor City Comic Con.

Motor City Comic Con - 2016-52

Benjamin Miller

Benjamin Miller had an intriguing concept of art on aluminum sheets like the graphics on old war planes. Benjamin is also a recent grad from Finlandia University in Houghton. Go FU!

Motor City Comic Con - 2016-72

Arvell Jones

Detroit comic book legend, Arvell Jones was busy sharing sketches and talking to fans.

Motor City Comic Con - 2016-75

Generate Comix

These guys are the comic factory of Detroit. Check out their new “Maximum Peril” release.

Motor City Comic Con - 2016-76

David Petersen

Both Brend and I were drawn (no pun intended) to the fierce mice of the Mouse Guard. David was kind enough to sign our Winter 1152 book. Its great to see a fellow EMU grad doing well.

Motor City Comic Con - 2016-107

Core Studios

Roberto Armstrong and Darryl Anderson were sharing their wares and offering up copies of their new “Night Predators” #1.

Motor City Comic Con - 2016-68

Chris Ringler

In addition to creating some cool books, Chris puts together the Flint Horror Convention which takes place on Sept 24, 2016.

Motor City Comic Con - 2016-79

E.D.E Bell

E.D.E. Bell now lives in Ohio, but she use to live in Michigan and went to the University of Michigan, so we’ll count her as a Michigander.

Motor City Comic Con - 2016-111

Audra Olivias Attic

Audra Olivias hails form Jackson and creates some wonderful fantasy artwork.

Motor City Comic Con - 2016-139

Jim Towe

Detroit’s Jim Towe has an online comic called Silver Plague where you can check out some of his artwork and stories.

Motor City Comic Con - 2016-140

Crafts and Collectibles

In addition to picking up some stellar comics or graphic novels, there were pant loads of collectibles and crafted items you could add to your collection of awesome.

Mesiree Ceramics

These ceramics caught our attention right away. Brenda walked home with a new mug.

Motor City Comic Con - 2016-30

Scared Crow Steamworks

Fashionable steampunk inspired jewelry.

Motor City Comic Con - 2016-34

Shock Studios

These Freddie Kruger statues were pretty wild.

Motor City Comic Con - 2016-14

Good and Evil Studios

These three dimensional comic inspired pieces were very eye catching.

Motor City Comic Con - 2016-17

One Time Hair Flips

The ladies at One Time Hair Flips gave Brenda a demo of their tangle free hair tie. The idea is you put your hair up once and you don’t have to fuss with it the rest of the day. They tried to get me to try one for my beard, but I prefer to let it flow.

Motor City Comic Con - 2016-18

Furry Feline Creatives

They have a wide variety of toys and goodies. All of them are packed with humor.

Motor City Comic Con - 2016-23


Handmade puppets for the people.

Motor City Comic Con - 2016-35

Barrel Of Monkeys

Tons of cool buttons to add some bling to your wardrobe.

Motor City Comic Con - 2016-28


As advertised, these are kind of creepy and kind of cute.

Motor City Comic Con - 2016-29

POW! BAM! Its Cosplay time!

A great aspect of comic conventions are the fantastic costumes that people wear. With the Motor City Comic Con being a premiere event in Michigan, there were tons of people in costume and acting the part.

Motor City Comic Con - 2016-11
Motor City Comic Con - 2016-3
Motor City Comic Con - 2016-6
Motor City Comic Con - 2016-10
Motor City Comic Con - 2016-40
Motor City Comic Con - 2016-57
Motor City Comic Con - 2016-55
Motor City Comic Con - 2016-60
Motor City Comic Con - 2016-172
Motor City Comic Con - 2016-180

More Photos

There was not enough time to capture all the great aspects of the Motor City Comic Con. Be sure to drop into our gallery as we have close to 200 pictures from the show. We barely scratched the surface of all you can see at the Motor City Comic Con, so be sure to check out the Detroit Free Press and MLive for even more coverage.

Motor City Comic Con - 2016-197

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