GIG - The Art of Michigan Music 2024

November 8, 9, 10th, 2024
Jackson, MIchigan

Meet The Bands – GIG – The Art of Michigan Music 2024

by | May 13, 2024

Meet the bands who will celebrate the art that makes Michigan music shine at GIG – The Art of Michigan Music 2024

It Wouldn’t Be a GIG Without Live Music, Right?

While the focus of GIG—The Art of Michigan Music is on the wonderful artists, who doesn’t want to celebrate with some live music? We’ve put together two nights of music on Friday (November 8th) and Saturday (November 9th) to complement the art gallery we’ll have set up within the Carriage Factory venue at Art 634 in Jackson.

Friday Night – November 8th

Join us at 5p on Friday for the grand opening of GIG – The Art of Michigan Music 2024. You can peruse the art gallery and meet some of the phenomenal artists who are displaying their art with us this year.

Jon Torrence – 7 to 7:30p

Jon Torrence

Photo provided by artist- used with permission

We’ll get the music started with Jon Torrence. To say that we are thrilled to have Jon at GIG is an understatement. His music is powerfully emotive, passionate, and uplifting. Jon speaks to living a life well lived while pondering all its beautiful facets. Check out Jon’s latest single, “Only Human.”

Wilson Thicket – 8 to 8:30p

Wilson Thicket

Photo provided by artist- used with permission

Is that bluegrass or jazz? Is that country music or soul? Did that band just cover Huey Lewis and The News? When some of the best musicians on the planet get together in three-part harmony, questions like these are bound to arise. We are pleased as punch to have Wilson Thicket as part of this year’s GIG – The Art of Michigan Music event. You’ll want to be upfront and personal when this band takes the stage at Art 634. Their music is downright contagious. Have a listen to one of our favorites called “Three Stones in the River.”

Jennifer Westwood and Dylan Dunbar – 9 to 9:45p


When you take the best of southern soul, mix in Motown swagger and whispers of Western swing, and top it off with a touch of righteous gospel and blues, you have an amalgamation of music that transcends genres. Detroit’s Jennifer Westwood and Dylan Dunbar are the driving force behind Jennifer Westwood and the Handsome Devils. Prepare to be swept off your feet when they take the stage. Their new album, Mad Man’s World, is due in June. Until then, check out “Redneck Man.”

Super Secret Special Guest – 10:15 to 11p

The cherry on top of a stacked lineup for Friday is our super secret guest. Let’s just say that this band hails from Michigan and is actively touring the country, bringing their music to the masses. Any guesses??  Let us know! In the meantime, keep your eyes peeled for the announcement in August. And if you guess Bob Seger, you are close. They are definitely a Travelin Man.

Saturday Night – November 9th

We are currently working hard on booking an afternoon of sessions to inspire and educate you with information on guitar setup and maintenance, branding, and capitalizing on social media. We’ve also got a live podcast in the works. Come down to GIG—The Art of Michigan Music on Saturday afternoon after the sessions, then spend the evening. We’ll have a happy hour mixer led by Jennifer Westwood from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. 

Ladyship Warship – 7 to 7:30p

Ladyship Warship

Kicking off the music on Saturday is the foot-stomping swamp rock of Ladyship Warship. Their raw and expressive rock has deep roots that reach down into the core of our existence. The pulse of their music becomes the beat of your heart as the primal essence of life burns hot inside of you. Crank up “Possum Nova” and let Ladyship Warship drive you home.

Carbon Decoy – 8 to 8:30p

Carbon Decoy

Photo provided by artist- used with permission

Turn it up to 11 and let your freak flag fly with local psych-rock heroes Carbon Decoy. Their new album Superstition Plagues the Purity of All is a masterpiece of fuzzy garage rock that throws your third eye open wide. Get ready for the driving grooves of Carbon Decoy to send you “Out of Control.”

The Blueflowers – 9 to 9:45p

The Blueflowers

Photo provided by artist- used with permission

Bending your mind trying to classify The Blueflowers is hopeless. They are everything and nothing. They are alternative, noir, shoegaze, and post-punk wrapped in a beautifully dark bow that shines bright white under the black light. This band will take you on a voyage of musical exploration and leave you breathless on the shores of infinity. Sample the bliss with “Time Doesn’t Matter.”

Nathan Walton and the Remedy – 10:15 to 11:00p

Nathan Walton and the Remedy

Photo provided by artist- used with permission

Bringing it home on Saturday night is the profoundly fervent rock and roll of Nathan Walton and the Remedy. Their most recent albums, called Daybreak and Night Drive, are bursting with grooves and soulful jams. Find out why they were 88.1FM WYCE Listener’s Choice Jammie award winners. Check out “Get Myself Back On My Feet” for a dose of Nathan Walton and the Remedy!




  • Opening Reception and Meet The Artists – 5 pm to 7 pm
  • Live Music – 7 pm to 11 pm


  • Saturday Sessions 1 pm to 4 pm
  • Saturday Mixer 4 pm to 6:30 pm
  • Live Music 7 pm to 11 pm


  • Music Market