Lima Center Cemetery

by | Nov 25, 2012 | History

This cemetery is located on Jackson Road just west of Ann Arbor, Michigan.  The Lima Center Cemetery is also known as the Luick Farm Cemetery. 

Lima Center Cemetery

The Luick – Lewick family mystery continues….

Driveway to Lima Center Cemetery

Our visit to the Lima Center Cemetery revealed several nuggets of Luick / Lewick family history.

Pretty Big Headstone I’d say…


Godfrey Luick 1834 – 1907

His father, John David Luick Sr., and mother, Christine Beck (Veck) Luick, immigrated from the Stuttgart area in Germany in 1831.

Godfrey Luick 1834-1907

Diantha Luick 1833 – 1905

Diantha Luick 1833 - 1905

Everything is making sense but what is this…


Daughter of G and D Lewick…

We’ll have to return with brushes to clean this headstone to read the rest.

Lizzie Lewick

Oh, who is this?

Charles B

Son of G and D Lewick

You can sorta make out the date of 1863…

Charles Lewick


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