Kate Peterson Porch Concert

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Our beloved singer/songwriter Kate Peterson returns for a westside Ann Arbor porch concert to satisfy our need for live music.

Kate Peterson - Porch Concert in Ann Arbor

Kate Peterson Porch Concert

Man, I’ve missed live music. I believe I’ve said this every time I go to a show and have probably repeated myself in writing as well. If you love music, then I’m sure you are with me. When I read on Facebook about the Kate Peterson porch concert, Brenda and I did a little dance and marked our calendar.

Gracious hosts Kelly and Kristin offered their porch and front yard for Kate’s performance. They even had the portion of Revena Boulevard in front of their house blocked. This allowed everyone to spread out with chairs and blankets. The seasonably chilly weather even prompted one group of concertgoers to bring a little fire pit. This gave the show a camping feel even though we were smack dab in Ann Arbor’s west side.

Kate Peterson - Porch Concert in Ann Arbor
Kate Peterson - Porch Concert in Ann Arbor

Who is Kate?

In case you are not familiar with Kate Peterson, she is a fabulous singer / songwriter. We first encountered Kate as part of the duo with Sarah Clever called Nervous But Excited. They called themselves “pleasantly aggressive”. I love that term. I think it captures their brand of acoustic music that is imbued with vibrant emotions. The kind of music that invigorates. As an extreme metal fan, it takes a bit of a charge in the songs to keep me interested. Kate’s voice and songwriting have intrigued me since the first listen.

Kate Peterson - Porch Concert in Ann Arbor

Porch Portal to Happiness

Kelly introduces Kate and we are all quickly transported to a state of bliss. Kate’s warm voice is a salve for our souls. Her guitar whispers with the emotions conveyed within the words. While Kate mentions it has been two years since her last performance, you would never guess it. She could walk into The Ark or the Ryman and stun a crowd. 

The hairs on my arms stand on end as Kate sings and plays. While I love songs such as “Coffee Stained” and “Solid Side”, there is a special place within me for “Said and Done”. My god, the beauty to be found in such a song of loss. The song “Lansing” is always great and especially tonight as we all let the music and these moments wrap around us.

Kate Peterson - Porch Concert in Ann Arbor
Kate Peterson - Porch Concert in Ann Arbor

Kate, Family, and Friends

The first set at the porch concert featured Kate solo. The second set included songs with her wife Leah as well as other songs with friend Chris Foster on the mandolin. With Leah providing backing vocals, the magic moment happened during their cover of “Ain’t No Sunshine” by Bill Withers. The raw emotion of that song entered another level with Kate and Leah performing it.

Now sadly, I became so caught up in the moment, that I have no idea which songs Chris played with Kate. I just remember it was great to hear Kate accompanied again with a mandolin. I also learned that Chris is one hell of a pickleball player.

Kate Peterson - Porch Concert in Ann Arbor

Final Thoughts

Kate included some great covers during the porch concert. The very best was “To Love Somebody” by the Bee Gees. Well, I should throw in that the sing-along to the chorus of “Faithfully” by Journey rocked. Another gem was the cover of “Crowded Table” by The Highwomen. This was a new song for me and boy does it pack a huge emotional punch.

While chatting between songs Kate mentioned her trip with Leah along the California coast. They stopped at a roadside bar and grill. As patrons enjoyed a beer and some food, a guy was set up in the corner playing old familiar songs. Kate and Leah both remarked on how much they’d missed the simple act of hearing music in a pub and that it touched them.

I can’t speak for you, but I’d taken live music for granted. I figured that whenever I wanted, I could catch a show or be pleasantly surprised with a solitary musician playing a few covers that I love. This pandemic has hammered home that nothing should be taken for granted. Every day is a gift. A day with music is that much sweeter. The porch concert with Kate Peterson allowed me to revel in great music with family and friends. Thanks, Kate!


Kate Peterson - Porch Concert in Ann Arbor

We’ve got a few more pictures from the Kate Peterson porch concert over in our gallery. Did you attend the show? If so, we’d love to hear what you thought.

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