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by | Jul 23, 2014 | Michigan, Music

Almost ten years ago I was introduced to, Kate Peterson. My favorite Jordanian musician, Hana Malhas, made the introduction. I will always be in debt to Hana for it. Kate recently played at Top of the Park and the Taste of Ann Arbor. I was lucky to catch both performances.

When I hear Kate play I can’t help but think of Michigan. Maybe it is her voice, as it is distinctly Michigan. Or it could be her causal mention of Michigan in her lyrics. What ever the reason, her songs resonate. I never tire of them and always look forward to her performances. I want to sing along and dance. And be happy.

Nervous But Excited

It was good that my youngest son wasn’t with me as I’m sure I would have embarrassed him. I sang, clapped my hands, danced and basically let my hair down.

Taste of Ann Arbor

On June 1, Kate Peterson performed at the Taste of Ann Arbor 2014 event. She was solo and played many of my favorites, including “Lansing” and “Unfinished Song”.

Kate Peterson - Taste of Ann Arbor

Her parents were in the crowd and celebrating their wedding anniversary. I can’t imagine how proud they must be of her.

Kate Peterson - Taste of Ann Arbor

We have many more pictures in our gallery.

Top of the Park

On July 4th, she returned to the stage to play in Nervous but Excited with Sarah Cleaver. I’ve seen them play many times. I heard “Smaller Taller” for the first time during their performance in the 2010 Ann Arbor Folk Festival at Hill Auditorium. It is a favorite memory.

Nervous But Excited

She and Sarah didn’t disappoint on July 4th and now I have their voices echoing in my head, wishing they’d play again sometime soon. We have more pictures from this performance too in our gallery.

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