Goose Island flocks to the Heidelberg

by | Jul 11, 2014 | Beer

A goose can be one intimidating bird. Don’t you agree? Well, we were pleasantly surprised by how nice a goose can be when the folks at Goose Island Brewing invited us to stop by the Heidelberg in downtown Ann Arbor, Michigan for their tap take over.

Enter the door way and be amazed!

Goose Island - Heidelberg - Join The Flock

Goose Island Brewery – Join The Flock!

The Goose Island tap take over was held in the Rathskellar at the Heidelberg Restaurant. With its low ceilings, long bar, and cozy booths and tables, it makes for a cool place to meet friends for a beer and some grub.The place was absolutely packed and we arrived just after the 6pm start for the take over! Evidently folks were super excited to check out some hard to find selections of Goose Island beer.

Goose Island - Heidelberg - Join The Flock

We met our friends at the back of the Rathskeller and then headed to the bar to check out the beers. The bar staff were busy as hell slinging beers like mad!

Goose Island - Heidelberg - Join The Flock

What about the beer?

We tried the Proprietor (a bourbon stout with coconut), Backyard Rye (a fruity bourbon stout), Coffee (bourbon coffee stout), Lolita (Belgian pale with wild yeast and raspberries aged in wine barrels), Ogden (a hoppy Belgian?), and finally the 312 (a summery wheat). Brenda and I really liked the Backyard Rye. The Lolita was pretty good too with its wine like taste (and it was nice and dry).

Goose Island - Heidelberg - Join The Flock

Look who we found!

You never know what sort of characters you’ll meet at a tap take over. As luck would have it, we finally met Jason Osburn of Mi.Craft.Beer.Culture Magazine! We’ve enjoyed his posts on Facebook and are looking forward to the release of the magazine. Jason hooked us up with Bill Savage, one of the brewers at Goose Island. Bill was kind enough to share the Coffee stout with us. The common theme at beer events is drinking beer with old and new friends!

Goose Island - Heidelberg - Join The Flock

While we do love our Michigan beers, it was fun to try out something from our neighbors over in Illinois 🙂 Be sure to stop in to the Heidelberg and have a beer, they do a nice job of serving up both German and local craft beers. Also, be on the look out for the Flock migrations of Goose Island Beer company.

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  1. Thanks for including us in your article! It was a pleasure to meet you both and look forward to our next encounter… Cheers!

    • It was great meeting you too Jason! Looking forward to lots of good things from Mi.Craft.Beer.Culture! Look for us at the Summer Beer fest!


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