Get Into The Pit 2015

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The Michigan music scene is alive with talent. Life In Michigan was happy to support Get into the Pit 2015 featuring 22 Michigan metal bands.

Get Into The Pit 2015 – Day 1

Beyond N’ Back

The first day of the festival dawned on the Life In Michigan stage at Diesel Concert Lounge with Beyond N’ Back laying down a smoldering set of metal. With plenty of low-end and chugging riffs, these guys play music that touches on the sound of Testament from The Gathering era. They did a nice job of getting the festival off to a good start. See more pictures in the gallery.

Get Into The Pit 2015 - BeyondNBack-DieselConcertLounge-Detroit_MI-20150529-ChuckMarshall-002

As the crowd moved next door to the Advanced Media Copies stage, Delok got it rolling. This young band blended elements of progressive and metalcore genres into a blend all their own. With some more polish, this band should shine. You can see more pictures in the gallery.

Get Into The Pit 2015 - Delok-DieselConcertLounge-Detroit_MI-20150529-ChuckMarshall-004

Fallacy Era

Fallacy Era was up next and aimed to make their presence known. Their sound was in the vein of bands like Suicide Silence and Emmure with a lot of low-end. They used intro tracks on each song for a nice effect. Be sure to stop by the gallery for more pictures.

Get Into The Pit 2015 - FallacyEra-DieselConcertLounge-Detroit_MI-20150529-ChuckMarshall-001
Get Into The Pit 2015 - FallacyEra-DieselConcertLounge-Detroit_MI-20150529-ChuckMarshall-002
Get Into The Pit 2015 - FallacyEra-DieselConcertLounge-Detroit_MI-20150529-ChuckMarshall-005
Get Into The Pit 2015 - FallacyEra-DieselConcertLounge-Detroit_MI-20150529-ChuckMarshall-008
Get Into The Pit 2015 - FallacyEra-DieselConcertLounge-Detroit_MI-20150529-ChuckMarshall-006

The evening heated up when 3 Parts Demon started their set. This band was intense with a ton of great stage presence. Everyone in the band was animated and very much into giving the crowd a superior performance. 3 Parts Demon play pure and unrelenting death metal with a capital D. There are more pictures of the band in the gallery.

Get Into The Pit 2015 - 3PartsDemon-DieselConcertLounge-Detroit_MI-20150529-ChuckMarshall-001
Get Into The Pit 2015 - 3PartsDemon-DieselConcertLounge-Detroit_MI-20150529-ChuckMarshall-004
Get Into The Pit 2015 - 3PartsDemon-DieselConcertLounge-Detroit_MI-20150529-ChuckMarshall-005
Get Into The Pit 2015 - 3PartsDemon-DieselConcertLounge-Detroit_MI-20150529-ChuckMarshall-009

Assault Incorporated

The guys in Assault Incorporated came dressed to party. They wasted no time dishing out some fast and furious metal. The entire band was great, but the lead playing stood out. Tight blazing solos with a touch of Dimebag Darryl finesse. The original tunes were great and the cover of “Faded Line” by Lamb of God was outstanding. See more of the band in the gallery.

Get Into The Pit 2015 - AssaultIncorporated-DieselConcertLounge-Detroit_MI-20150529-ChuckMarshall-007
Get Into The Pit 2015 - AssaultIncorporated-DieselConcertLounge-Detroit_MI-20150529-ChuckMarshall-004
Get Into The Pit 2015 - AssaultIncorporated-DieselConcertLounge-Detroit_MI-20150529-ChuckMarshall-002
Get Into The Pit 2015 - AssaultIncorporated-DieselConcertLounge-Detroit_MI-20150529-ChuckMarshall-005
Get Into The Pit 2015 - AssaultIncorporated-DieselConcertLounge-Detroit_MI-20150529-ChuckMarshall-008

Severing The Need

Severing the Need brought their “A” game to this Michigan metal festival. Featuring vicious grinding guitars and a rhythm section that could flatten buildings with blast beats, this band played death metal with authority. They utilize not one, but two vocalists spewing death shrieks and guttural growls which compounded the dynamics of the music. This was a fun band to see live. Check out more pictures in the gallery.

Get Into The Pit 2015 - SeveringTheNeed-DieselConcertLounge-Detroit_MI-20150529-ChuckMarshall-011
Get Into The Pit 2015 - SeveringTheNeed-DieselConcertLounge-Detroit_MI-20150529-ChuckMarshall-007
Get Into The Pit 2015 - SeveringTheNeed-DieselConcertLounge-Detroit_MI-20150529-ChuckMarshall-010
Get Into The Pit 2015 - SeveringTheNeed-DieselConcertLounge-Detroit_MI-20150529-ChuckMarshall-014
Get Into The Pit 2015 - SeveringTheNeed-DieselConcertLounge-Detroit_MI-20150529-ChuckMarshall-004


There is metal and then there is Speedgod. The Lansing, Michigan based band let lose the hounds of hell with their unique take on melodic death. The execution of each tune during their short set was tight, fast, and vigorous. The crowd definitely got into this band and who could blame them. They were a firestorm of metal and should be on your list to see live when they visit your town. See more photos in the gallery.

Get Into The Pit 2015 - Speedgod-DieselConcertLounge-Detroit_MI-20150529-ChuckMarshall-014
Get Into The Pit 2015 - Speedgod-DieselConcertLounge-Detroit_MI-20150529-ChuckMarshall-003
Get Into The Pit 2015 - Speedgod-DieselConcertLounge-Detroit_MI-20150529-ChuckMarshall-006

Cell Block Earth

Classic hardcore thrash took over the Advanced Media Copies stage with the music of Cell Block Earth. A veteran of the Michigan Fall Metal festival, this band was a last minute addition to the bill. They were a fine addition to Get Into the Pit 2015 with hard-hitting tunes that go down smooth with a cold beer. There are more pictures of the band in the gallery.

Get Into The Pit 2015 - CellBlockEarth-DieselConcertLounge-Detroit_MI-20150529-ChuckMarshall-003
Get Into The Pit 2015 - CellBlockEarth-DieselConcertLounge-Detroit_MI-20150529-ChuckMarshall-005
Get Into The Pit 2015 - CellBlockEarth-DieselConcertLounge-Detroit_MI-20150529-ChuckMarshall-008
Get Into The Pit 2015 - CellBlockEarth-DieselConcertLounge-Detroit_MI-20150529-ChuckMarshall-009

Pick Axe Preacher

If anyone in the crowd was looking for frenzied speed-thrash metal, they found it when Pick Axe Preacher took the Life In Michigan stage. This band thrashed with the poetic beauty of a shark attack. They were vehement on stage with vocalist Mike Williams engaging the crowd while Mike Hopper (guitar), Jeff Vergiels (drums), and Stu Stevens (bass) flew through a searing set of tunes. If you want to see more photos, stop in the gallery.

Get Into The Pit 2015 - PickAxePreacher-DieselConcertLounge-Detroit_MI-20150529-ChuckMarshall-006
Get Into The Pit 2015 - PickAxePreacher-DieselConcertLounge-Detroit_MI-20150529-ChuckMarshall-005
Get Into The Pit 2015 - PickAxePreacher-DieselConcertLounge-Detroit_MI-20150529-ChuckMarshall-010
Get Into The Pit 2015 - PickAxePreacher-DieselConcertLounge-Detroit_MI-20150529-ChuckMarshall-009


Living up to their name, M-102 hit hard, fast, and often with a vicious set of crossover thrash. Their sound hints at Suicidal Tendencies, Body Count, and D.R.I. They make this genre their own with gutter-deep grooves and fat-ass bottom-end rhythms. Be sure to see this band live for a thrash metal extravaganza. You can see more pictures in the gallery.

Get Into The Pit 2015 - M102-DieselConcertLounge-Detroit_MI-20150529-ChuckMarshall-013

Get Into The Pit – Day 2


The second day of the festival featured Flint, Michigan’s Absorbed. They were added to the bill at the 11th hour due to a cancelation by another band. Their music was heavy and aggressive. Think of God Forbid and Lamb of God if you need a reference point. This metal band was a perfect start to the second day of the festival as they got the crowd fired up and ready to rage. You can see more pictures in the gallery.

Get Into The Pit 2015 - Absorbed-DieselConcertLounge-Detroit_MI-20150529-ChuckMarshall-003
Get Into The Pit 2015 - Absorbed-DieselConcertLounge-Detroit_MI-20150529-ChuckMarshall-002
Get Into The Pit 2015 - Absorbed-DieselConcertLounge-Detroit_MI-20150529-ChuckMarshall-005
Get Into The Pit 2015 - Absorbed-DieselConcertLounge-Detroit_MI-20150529-ChuckMarshall-008
Get Into The Pit 2015 - Absorbed-DieselConcertLounge-Detroit_MI-20150529-ChuckMarshall-010


Fateweaver wove a tapestry of high-energy metalcore. Their singer was very animated and engaging. The lead guitarist could shred and added some nice solos to each song. If you want to see more pictures, stop by the gallery.

Get Into The Pit 2015 - Fateweaver-DieselConcertLounge-Detroit_MI-20150529-ChuckMarshall-001
Get Into The Pit 2015 - Fateweaver-DieselConcertLounge-Detroit_MI-20150529-ChuckMarshall-004
Get Into The Pit 2015 - Fateweaver-DieselConcertLounge-Detroit_MI-20150529-ChuckMarshall-006
Get Into The Pit 2015 - Fateweaver-DieselConcertLounge-Detroit_MI-20150529-ChuckMarshall-009
Get Into The Pit 2015 - Fateweaver-DieselConcertLounge-Detroit_MI-20150529-ChuckMarshall-002

Destroy Us All

Destroy Us All kept the metalcore theme going with their take on the genre. This was one of the few bands to utilize clean vocals. They played with a wealth of enthusiasm. They were a little rough around the edges but put on a good show. There are more pictures in the gallery.

Get Into The Pit 2015 - DestroyUsAll-DieselConcertLounge-Detroit_MI-20150529-ChuckMarshall-003
Get Into The Pit 2015 - DestroyUsAll-DieselConcertLounge-Detroit_MI-20150529-ChuckMarshall-002


Kicking in some old school thrash in the style of Exodus and Havok was the band Traumatize from Detroit, Michigan. They played straight up metal that gets your fist in the air. The band did a couple of very nice covers of Slayer’s “Dead Skin Mask” and “South Of Heaven.” There are more pictures of the band in the gallery.

Get Into The Pit 2015 - Traumatize-DieselConcertLounge-Detroit_MI-20150529-ChuckMarshall-002
Get Into The Pit 2015 - Traumatize-DieselConcertLounge-Detroit_MI-20150529-ChuckMarshall-004
Get Into The Pit 2015 - Traumatize-DieselConcertLounge-Detroit_MI-20150529-ChuckMarshall-009
Get Into The Pit 2015 - Traumatize-DieselConcertLounge-Detroit_MI-20150529-ChuckMarshall-005

All Ends Black

It wouldn’t be a metal show without some mosh pit fun. All Ends Black from Lansing, Michigan was on a mission to get the dancing started. The band’s vocalist was a ball of energy as he screamed into the mic and encouraged the fans to get busy in the pit. Their music had me thinking of Super Joint Ritual due to the crunchy guitar and groove. Their drummer could definitely put a hurt on the drums with his bruising technique. See more photos in the gallery.

Get Into The Pit 2015 - AllEndsBlack-DieselConcertLounge-Detroit_MI-20150529-ChuckMarshall-005


Hokori play unabashed death metal with all its gory chaos. Their music brings to mind bands such as Suffocation and Cannibal Corpse. Hokori also has a deviant sense of humor that came across in song titles such as “Meat Curtains” and “Napalm Sticks To Kids”. This band featured some outstanding musicians who looked like they were having a great time playing music they love. The crowd absolutely dug this band. There are more pictures of the band in the gallery.

Get Into The Pit 2015 - Hokori-DieselConcertLounge-Detroit_MI-20150529-ChuckMarshall-003
Get Into The Pit 2015 - Hokori-DieselConcertLounge-Detroit_MI-20150529-ChuckMarshall-007
Get Into The Pit 2015 - Hokori-DieselConcertLounge-Detroit_MI-20150529-ChuckMarshall-010
Get Into The Pit 2015 - Hokori-DieselConcertLounge-Detroit_MI-20150529-ChuckMarshall-012
Get Into The Pit 2015 - Hokori-DieselConcertLounge-Detroit_MI-20150529-ChuckMarshall-008

No Class Assassins

With a biting hardcore punk attitude, No Class Assassins were greeted to an enthusiastic crowd. They jammed out some thumping mosh worthy grooves that had folks moving in no time. This band was a lot of fun to watch. They moved around on the stage and got the audience into the show. Rock out with more pictures in the gallery.

Get Into The Pit 2015 - NoClassAssassins-DieselConcertLounge-Detroit_MI-20150529-ChuckMarshall-004
Get Into The Pit 2015 - NoClassAssassins-DieselConcertLounge-Detroit_MI-20150529-ChuckMarshall-002
Get Into The Pit 2015 - NoClassAssassins-DieselConcertLounge-Detroit_MI-20150529-ChuckMarshall-001
Get Into The Pit 2015 - NoClassAssassins-DieselConcertLounge-Detroit_MI-20150529-ChuckMarshall-008

After The Minor

After The Minor are veterans of Get Into The Pit in 2014 as well as the Michigan Fall Metal Fest. This band gets better and better with every show. These impressive musicians laid down a barrage of heavy hitting riffs and breakdowns, which would have made Unearth envious. The playing was tight and performed with machine precision. They did a great job of giving the crowd all they could want in a metal performance. See more photos of the band in the gallery.

Get Into The Pit 2015 - AfterTheMinor-DieselConcertLounge-Detroit_MI-20150529-ChuckMarshall-005


Coming in from Battle Creek, Michigan the band Lacerations were happy to be playing their first show at the Diesel Concert Lounge. There sound was a mixing of death and metalcore that sounded somewhat like Black Dahlia Murder and After The Burial. They played a good set of metal. There are more pictures in the gallery.

Get Into The Pit 2015 - Lacerations-DieselConcertLounge-Detroit_MI-20150529-ChuckMarshall-004


Bowdown brought fist-clenching metal breakdowns in spades to Get Into The Pit 2015. This band was powerful with crunchy guitars, hulking bass, crashing drums, and roaring vocals. They can remind you of Hatebreed, but they excel beyond this model. Their show was a crowd favorite. There are more pictures in the gallery.

Get Into The Pit 2015 - Bowdown-DieselConcertLounge-Detroit_MI-20150529-ChuckMarshall-002

A Sleepless Malice

With plenty of technical riffs and fantastic drumming, A Sleepless Malice created an amalgam of melodic death metal styles. This band had great stage presence and immediately got people into the pit. The crowd was ready to roar and this band gave them something to sink their teeth into. Stop by the gallery for more pictures.

Get Into The Pit 2015 - ASleeplessMalice-DieselConcertLounge-Detroit_MI-20150529-ChuckMarshall-008
Get Into The Pit 2015 - ASleeplessMalice-DieselConcertLounge-Detroit_MI-20150529-ChuckMarshall-007
Get Into The Pit 2015 - ASleeplessMalice-DieselConcertLounge-Detroit_MI-20150529-ChuckMarshall-015
Get Into The Pit 2015 - ASleeplessMalice-DieselConcertLounge-Detroit_MI-20150529-ChuckMarshall-012
Get Into The Pit 2015 - ASleeplessMalice-DieselConcertLounge-Detroit_MI-20150529-ChuckMarshall-009

Legend Scroll

Wrapping up the evening was a terrific band from Bay City called Legend Scroll. Their music had themes of epic battles and tales of yore. Amon Amarth, early In Flames, and Dark Tranquility came to mine as they played. They put an exclamation point at the end of another great Get Into The Pit metal festival. Check out more pictures of the band in the gallery.

Get Into The Pit 2015 - LegendScroll-DieselConcertLounge-Detroit_MI-20150529-ChuckMarshall-008
Get Into The Pit 2015 - LegendScroll-DieselConcertLounge-Detroit_MI-20150529-ChuckMarshall-006
Get Into The Pit 2015 - LegendScroll-DieselConcertLounge-Detroit_MI-20150529-ChuckMarshall-003
Get Into The Pit 2015 - LegendScroll-DieselConcertLounge-Detroit_MI-20150529-ChuckMarshall-001

Many thanks to Hard Edge Radio and Howie Herula for creating a great metal festival and to the sponsors: Advanced Media Copies, yours truly – Life In Michigan, National Rock Review, Parkway Promotions LLC, and Two Fat Guys and a Pipe.

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