Fuzz Fest II – Day 2 of 3

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Fuzz Fest II continued the celebration of rock with 11 bands playing to a big crowd at the Blind Pig in Ann Arbor.

Fuzz Fest II – Day 2

The Thursday night excitement from the kickoff of Fuzz Fest II was still glowing inside the Blind Pig. Friday’s feast of rock was set to begin with 11 more bands ready to share their own unique brands of music. Friday night was looking alright.

King Under Mountain

Fuzz Fest II - KingUnderTheMountain-BlindPig-AnnArbor_MI-20150612-ChuckMarshall-001

Friday fun-day got off to a gothic rock start with King Under Mountain. They play psychedelic rock with plenty of moody organs that reminded me of Iron Butterfly, Deep Purple, and Big Elf. While they harken back to times gone by they made the music fresh and original. The last tune sounded like a tribute to the composer Grieg and his composition “Peer Gynt”. Stop by the gallery for more pictures.

Fuzz Fest II - KingUnderTheMountain-BlindPig-AnnArbor_MI-20150612-ChuckMarshall-002
Fuzz Fest II - KingUnderTheMountain-BlindPig-AnnArbor_MI-20150612-ChuckMarshall-008


Fuzz Fest II - Junglefowl-BlindPig-AnnArbor_MI-20150612-ChuckMarshall-008

The two-piece known as Junglefowl know how to rock. It would be easy to call up references to the White Stripes, but they are more blues based with a Reignwolf level of intensity. They did a nice job of heating up the Blind Pig on a Friday evening. You can see more of Junglefowl in the gallery.

Fuzz Fest II - Junglefowl-BlindPig-AnnArbor_MI-20150612-ChuckMarshall-009
Fuzz Fest II - Junglefowl-BlindPig-AnnArbor_MI-20150612-ChuckMarshall-001

Super Thing

Fuzz Fest II - SuperThing-BlindPig-AnnArbor_MI-20150612-ChuckMarshall-006

Super Thing doled out some psychotic noise rock with gusto. These guys jammed hard. In fact, it was so powerful, that the guitar player ended up just have a couple of strings left toward the end of their set. The last tune had a huge humming groove. See a bit more of Super Thing in the gallery.

Fuzz Fest II - SuperThing-BlindPig-AnnArbor_MI-20150612-ChuckMarshall-002
Fuzz Fest II - SuperThing-BlindPig-AnnArbor_MI-20150612-ChuckMarshall-009


Fuzz Fest II - Colorwheel-BlindPig-AnnArbor_MI-20150612-ChuckMarshall-001

Colorwheel was an unexpected treat. The band had a great blues-rock base with a sweet taste of southern soul. This is a perfect band for a summer evening with friends. They play satisfying rock music with a heart that takes you home. Rock out with Colorwheel in the gallery.

Fuzz Fest II - Colorwheel-BlindPig-AnnArbor_MI-20150612-ChuckMarshall-011
Fuzz Fest II - Colorwheel-BlindPig-AnnArbor_MI-20150612-ChuckMarshall-006

Buffalo Coven Party

Fuzz Fest II - BuffaloCovenParty-BlindPig-AnnArbor_MI-20150612-ChuckMarshall-011

Grooves swimming in an acid glow could be used to describe Buffalo Coven Party. With sounds that brought back the beauty of the Doors and mixed it up with The Doves, they got a rave review from the crowd at Fuzz Fest. Watch for this band to do lots of big things. Check out more pictures in the gallery.

Fuzz Fest II - BuffaloCovenParty-BlindPig-AnnArbor_MI-20150612-ChuckMarshall-010
Fuzz Fest II - BuffaloCovenParty-BlindPig-AnnArbor_MI-20150612-ChuckMarshall-002

John Krautner

Fuzz Fest II - JohnKrautner-BlindPig-AnnArbor_MI-20150612-ChuckMarshall-004

Americana rock with jams to spare is what you get with John Krautner. The band was warmly received by the full house at the Blind Pig. They played straight up rock that sounds good with a cold beer in hand. There are more images of the band in the gallery.

Fuzz Fest II - JohnKrautner-BlindPig-AnnArbor_MI-20150612-ChuckMarshall-005
Fuzz Fest II - JohnKrautner-BlindPig-AnnArbor_MI-20150612-ChuckMarshall-003


Fuzz Fest II - Bonehawk-BlindPig-AnnArbor_MI-20150612-ChuckMarshall-004

Bonehawk is one of the best rock bands in Michigan. With a rock solid rhythm section and twin guitars, this band blows the doors off your 69 Camaro. They were a hit with the crowd which was no real surprise given their soul clenching hard rock that cuts down to the bone. They broke out a new tune called “Aurora” which was full of fantastic jams showcasing a band that hits on every cylinder. You can see more of Bonehawk in the gallery.

Fuzz Fest II - Bonehawk-BlindPig-AnnArbor_MI-20150612-ChuckMarshall-010
Fuzz Fest II - Bonehawk-BlindPig-AnnArbor_MI-20150612-ChuckMarshall-013


Fuzz Fest II - Ponyshow-BlindPig-AnnArbor_MI-20150612-ChuckMarshall-005

Ponyshow simply kicked ass. They have a poppy groove that was catchy as hell. They had the Blind Pig’s full attention as they ripped through a set of popping rock with a biting edge. The drummer is a monster on the kit and locked the band tight into every tune. Check out more pictures in the gallery.

Fuzz Fest II - Ponyshow-BlindPig-AnnArbor_MI-20150612-ChuckMarshall-008
Fuzz Fest II - Ponyshow-BlindPig-AnnArbor_MI-20150612-ChuckMarshall-009

Blue Snaggletooth


What do you do when you are following two stellar bands? You come out and play your ass off. Blue Snaggletooth used all the energy in the room, packed it into a bowl full of stoner mayhem, and let the riffs fly. They left nothing on the table as they put their hearts and souls into an anthem of all that is glorious about rock music. See more Blue Snaggletooth in the gallery.


Caveman Woodman & Bam Bam Moss

Fuzz Fest II - CavemanWoodmanBamBamMoss-BlindPig-AnnArbor_MI-20150612-ChuckMarshall-001

Caveman Woodman & Bam Bam Moss put rock into a new Neanderthal genre. The Caveman attacks the mic and guitar with his furious might as Bam Bam lives up to his name beating the hell out of his tiny drum kit. It was seriously fun music draped in a leopard skin loin cloth. Stop by the gallery for more pictures.

Fuzz Fest II - CavemanWoodmanBamBamMoss-BlindPig-AnnArbor_MI-20150612-ChuckMarshall-007
Fuzz Fest II - CavemanWoodmanBamBamMoss-BlindPig-AnnArbor_MI-20150612-ChuckMarshall-009

Wolf Eyes

Fuzz Fest II - WolfEyes-BlindPig-AnnArbor_MI-20150612-ChuckMarshall-014

Imagine the sound track to Naked Lunch by William Burroughs and you are close to what a performance by Wolf Eyes is like. It is madness in music. Ornett Coleman would be proud of the boys in Wolf Eyes. They embrace chaos and make it their own. You can see a few more pictures in the gallery.

Fuzz Fest II - WolfEyes-BlindPig-AnnArbor_MI-20150612-ChuckMarshall-006
Fuzz Fest II - WolfEyes-BlindPig-AnnArbor_MI-20150612-ChuckMarshall-008

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