Fetch Brewing in Whitehall, Michigan

by | Oct 15, 2017 | Beer

Fetch Brewing in Whitehall hosts a vault of fantastic beers within an intriguing setting making this a must see destination.

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Fetch Brewing in Whitehall

During our Lake Michigan adventure in Shelby, MI, we traveled down to Whitehall for a visit. Our plan was to hit the Michigan Heritage Park and visit Pitkin Drug and Gift Shoppe. Now you are probably wondering, why a pharmacy? Turns out Pitkin’s is a historical landmark. It is the oldest continuous retail store in Whitehall and has been serving the community for 135 years (as of 2017).

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As chance would have it, right across the street from Pitkin is an old bank which is now the home of Fetch Brewing. We discovered Fetch in 2015 at the Spring City Beer Fest. Since then we kept them on our list of breweries to visit and finally we got our chance.

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Inside the Pub

The folks at Fetch have done a wonderful job with the inside of their pub. The ceilings are high and the place is loaded with windows to draw in a ton of warm light. There is a second story loft in addition to table and bar space on the main level. Evidently, Bill Murray loves what they have done with this place.

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We loved that Fetch kept the old vault in place. It is easy to get trapped in the vault. There are tons of stickers adorning the walls, which you can spend a good bit of time perusing.

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Beautiful Beers

The beers at Fetch are simply delicious. We sampled the Ryptide Rye IPA, which outguns Founder’s Reds Rye. The Angry Sky Midwest IPA was pleasant without being a crazy hop monster. If you want to get knocked off your bar stool, then give the Mad Swag Triple IPA a go. While Fetch Brewing does not serve food, they have a variety of snacks available. You can also bring in your own food.

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Music and beer go hand in hand and Fetch will keep your toes tapping. They have a vinyl night on Wednesdays and on the weekends, they host live music.

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While you are out in Whitehall, head up the road to Montague, Michigan. There you can find the world’s largest weather vane. You may think, oh that sounds nice, but it really is pretty spectacular. Then head on back to Fetch Brewing in Whitehall for another beer. Feel free to drop into the gallery for a few more pictures.

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