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Elizabeth (Brown) Sodt died January 1, 2015, in Tecumseh, Michigan at the age of 91. She was born the daughter of of Albert and Louise (King) Brown on December 11, 1923 in Redford, Michigan.

Her Legacy

On September 20, 1947, she married Louis Dean Sodt (L Dean).

Cutting the Cake

At last count, there are 40 surviving family members (children and grandchildren and great grandchildren) that called her mom or grandma.

Betty and L. Dean’s children

Betty Sodt - Memorial - 2015-66

(Left to right: Mary LaMarre, Kristin Smith, Brenda Foster, William Sodt, Martha Evilsizer, Dianne Sodt-Davitt)

Betty’s Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren

Betty Sodt - Memorial - 2015-75

(Back row: Jim Smith, Avery Foster, Louis Davitt, Sam Davitt, David Evilsizer, Nick Sodt. Middle row: Anita Swan, Isaac Foster, Allison Davitt, Linda LaMarra, Emma Hitchingham, Maggie Emerick, Elijah Yagelo, Michelle Yagelo, Rhona Walkowe, Abby Walkowe. Next Row: Garrett Swan, Oliva Hitchingham, Sophia Hitchingham, Miranda Emerick, Ethan Emerick, Ellen Walkowe. Very front: Beth Corwin with Zack Corwin and Taylor Corwin – we were only missing a few!)

As I look at all the faces, I see her smile and beauty. Dad loved to gather his family together. I’m sure Mom did too, and I think she always forgave him for the many impromptu gatherings that he arranged while she was at work. I’m sure both of them would have loved seeing all of us together.

The Sodt Cousins

Betty Sodt - Memorial - 2015-93

(Marge Lozier, Krsitin Smith, Martha Evilsier, Brian Sodt, William Sodt, Mary LaMarre and Pete Spike)

These cousins spent a lot of time together watching Gun Smoke and creating trouble I hear.

Thank you!

I was left breathless by the number of family and friends that joined us for her service at St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Chelsea, Michigan. Many more shared their condolences online, or with phone calls. Thank you all for thoughtful condolences, prayers, kind words or remembrances of Betty.

Here are just a few of the comments shared online:

I always enjoyed Aunt Betty. I mostly saw her when I was little though. She always paid attention & really listened to us little ones. And was quick to give some matter of fact advice. I also remember huge delicious meals magically appeared on the table in the kitchen every time I was there. I thought she laughed the same as my dad In later years, she came up to MN with my parents and my kids warmed up to her right away, I think it was that gift of paying attention to kids that she had. Sending thoughts and prayers. — Susan Brown Deetz


Love to you all. Memories of Aunt Betty coming out with Uncle Milner and Aunt Alice to see my mom and dad fill my mind today. Now they are all in heaven probably having a rousing card game of “flinch”. LOL. Condolences to all, but be happy for Betty because she ‘can see and think clearly’ now. Love, Kathy Brown Aults


I am so sorry for your loss. My “aunt Betty” was a wonderful part of my childhood summers and I will never forget her. I can hear her voice now hollering for Chris and I to come downstairs. My prayers for all of you to find peace and comfort in your memories of her. Hugs and love from Georgia. Lynn Sodt Downey


Sorry to hear of your loss. Have many remembrances of all the Sodts. Attended her wedding, so have been part of many celebrations with all. My condolences to all. – Karen Strock


I am sorry to learn of Aunt Betty’s passing. She is the last of that great generation. Peace. – Douglas Spike


Sorry for your loss. Mom sounds cool — penny slots are right up my alley – Julie Washington


Brenda – so sorry for your loss, my deepest condolences. I’ll always remember the funny and touching stories you shared about her. – Hana Malhas


I’ll be thinking of you as you and your family mourn the loss of your mother. I hope you take time during your grief to enjoy the great memories of your mom and spending time with your family. – Mike Silkworth


I was sorry to hear of your mothers passing. I will be thinking of you and your family on Saturday and Sunday.- Philip Spike


Aunt Betty was always fun to be around. So sad! She’ll leave a hole in all our lives. I can imagine her reunion with her brothers in heaven! – Ann Sartoris


I’m so sorry for your loss your Mom was a great person. – Deborah Alber-McDonald


I worked with Betty many years ago, but remember well her competence, caring, wisdom and humor – a great nurse and a fine colleague. Condolences on your loss. – Elizabeth (Elise) Nolan


When I worked with Betty in Chelsea, we always managed to laugh at something. She knew her nursing well and would share her knowledge. I am sorry for loss. May the Lord be with you all. – Betty Leeman

The Service

The service was beautiful and everyone that wanted to participate was given an opportunity. Linda and Maggie did a great job with the readings. Sam read the responses and also did a fantastic job. Michelle and Beth took the offerings to the altar. Nancy and Beth assisted with communion and Dianne, bless her, read the eulogy.

Pete and Jean performed, “Amazing Grace” to end the service. Thank you, this was something Betty specifically requested and we are so pleased she got this parting gift.

Many Photos in the Gallery

I know there are many family members that wanted to join us, but distance or circumstances prevented it. There were many cameras at the luncheon and at the pub where a few of us gathered to spend a few more hours together. Chuck took hundreds of pictures and these are all posted in a gallery on our blog. Please download and share. If you’d like to make prints let me know, I will send you high resolution files. Finally, if you have anything you like to add or share, please leave a comment or send me an email. If you have photos you’d like to add, please send or post! I’d love to include them.



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