Edelbrau Brewing Company in Ann Arbor

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It took just one visit to Edelbrau Brewing Company in Ann Arbor to fall in love with beer all over again.

Edelbrau Brewing Company

Edelbrau Brewing Company in Ann Arbor

I had been following the developments and reading all the great reviews about Edelbrau Brewing Company in Ann Arbor, yet for some reason, we had still had not visited. I’m not sure what caused our delay.

It could be the weekends packed with explorations or plain old house chores. It doesn’t matter now as we finally got our butts over there and we were blown away. Edelbrau Brewing may be small, but they brew mighty delicious beers. Drinking their beer reminded me of why I love Michigan beer. Join me as we explore what makes Edelbrau Brewing Company in Ann Arbor so special.

Edelbrau Brewing Company in Ann Arbor

Finding Edelbrau Brewing Company

Getting to Edelbrau Brewing Company in Ann Arbor can be a little tricky. When you google the address you get, 719 W Ellsworth Rd #2. This is basically across the street from Costco and just east of the driveway into the Ann Arbor airport. Seems basic enough right?

Edelbrau Brewing Company

The trick is that Edelbrau Brewing is wedged into a spot in an industrial looking complex. The sign is hard to spot and easy to miss. My suggestion is to look for the large trees and a gray barn and use that driveway. Once you turn into the driveway, look straight ahead and to the left. You’ll see building 719. Drive down a couple of doors to suite #2 and you have arrived.

Edelbrau Brewing Company
Edelbrau Brewing Company

When planning your visit, be sure to take in consideration their hours. The tasting room is only open on the weekends. Fridays from 5:30 to 9 pm and then Saturday / Sunday from noon until 9pm.

Entering Nirvana aka Edelbrau Brewing Company in Ann Arbor

When you walk in you may ask yourself “Am I in the right place?” Side note: extra points if you just read that line and thought of the Talking Heads “Once In a Lifetime”. The entry door leads to a workroom with a sink over toward the wall to the right and a yellow chain on posts. Follow the yellow chained path to the left which leads to the tasting room.

Edelbrau Brewing Company in Ann Arbor

Inside you find a brightly lit room with a gorgeous wood bar and tables to sit down and enjoy a beverage. The walls are adorned with local artwork which you can purchase. Grab a beer menu and prepare to be smitten.

Edelbrau Brewing Company in Ann Arbor
Edelbrau Brewing Company in Ann Arbor

The Magical beers of Edelbrau Brewing Company in Ann Arbor

We are blessed with so many great breweries in Michigan. I think I started to take this for granted. After my first sip of the Belgian Dubbel IPA, my love affair with Michigan beer was reawakened. Cue Foreigner’s “Feels Like The First Time”.

In addition to the Belgian, my first round of 4 ounce samplers included the Chocolate Bock, The Rye IPA, and the American pale ale. The chocolate bock exploded with flavors of chocolaty malt bliss. The Rye IPA looked as wonderful as it tasted with the hops coming on strong, but not trying to wrestle your taste buds like a bossy gorilla.

Edelbrau Brewing Company

The second round included the Smoked Imperial stout, the juicy imperial IPA, and the Marzen. Each was outstanding, but the smoke imperial stout ruled them all. The smoked stout reminded me of peaty scotch. Like a great scotch, this beer provides a sweeping palette of tastes. It also packs a punch, so plan ahead.

Edelbrau Brewing Company

Just like Arnold, I’ll be back

I stocked up with a couple of mixed six packs and an Edelbrau Brewing t-shirt. While in the tasting room you can pick up some Biercamp brats or Zingerman’s Gelato. There are also local jams and hot sauces available.

As I write, I’m down to my last smoked stout. Now that I know how to find Edelbrau Brewing Company in Ann Arbor, I will certainly be back. The level of craftsmanship in their beers is exemplary. If you love Michigan beers like I do, you need to get over to Edelbrau Brewing Company and fall in love with beer all over again

Edelbrau Brewing Company


We have a few more pictures from our visit to Edelbrau Brewing Company in Ann Arbor. Enjoy the images. Contact us regarding any use.  

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