Draught Horse Brewing

by | Nov 25, 2015 | Beer, Food

Draught Horse Brewing in New Hudson offers up some great beer and delicious food. We jumped into the wagon to see for ourselves.

Draught Horse Brewing - 2015-2

Draught Horse Brewing

Let’s start with a funny story about our journey to Draught Horse Brewing. We hopped into the car with our friends Jeff and Angie and headed to New Hudson, MI. We were heading down Grand River and all looks good until the Garmin says, “Turn left on Rainbow Dr.”. The next thing you know, we are in a subdivision and pulling up to a house. Looks of confusion confirmed that this can’t be right. A quick search on Google got us the correct address (57721 Grand River Ave. Lyon Charter Township, MI 48165). Turns out we were just across the street.

Draught Horse Brewing - 2015-1

Our adventure was rewarded when we pulled into Draught Horse and walked inside. The tap room has a rustic barn feel without the horses and hay (or the smell). It is an inviting space with a couple of TV’s above the bar to watch the game while you enjoy a beer.

Draught Horse Brewing - 2015-12
Draught Horse Brewing - 2015-3
We loved the high-top tables and comfortable feel of the place. It didn’t hurt that the folks serving us were very friendly. If you sit toward the back of the taproom you get a nice view of the brewing facilities. There is a nice outdoor patio that should be fun spring, summer, and fall. Hell, us hearty Michiganders probably would sit out there in the winter too.

Draught Horse Brewing - 2015-18
Draught Horse Brewing - 2015-21

The Beer

I will admit that when I go to a brewery that has only been open for about 7 months, I’m a tad nervous about the beer. This comes from hitting a few places where the beer just wasn’t ready for prime time. As a gingerly sipped the DHB ESB, all fear vanished. This was an outstanding ESB. I mean it was superb. You need a little patience as this hand pulled beer takes a little time to fill the glass, but it is totally worth the wait.

Draught Horse Brewing - 2015-16

Brenda got us a flight, which included Red Arrow Cider (nice, dry, not too sweet), DHB Foundation IPA (crisp finish, perfect for hanging out), Drop The Reins Black IPA (dark roast with a bit of hop kick), Pelham Pale (easy middle of the road brew), and the 18HH Stout (coffee deliciousness).

Draught Horse Brewing - 2015-2

I also tried the CBS porter that had tons of character and a bit of sweetness. All the beers were well done and had a great body. No watery first run brews here.

The Food

Most of the time, it’s the beer you are after and having food available at the pub is a bonus. I can see people coming to Draught Horse for the food and getting a beer because they happen to be there. The mac and cheese is ridiculously good. Seriously, it was amazing. You put it together as you like and it is a festival of tasty delight.

Draught Horse Brewing - 2015-22

A great plus with their menu is that while they have tons of great meaty options and some damn fine looking pizzas, Draught Horse provides some vegetarian options that can be vegan. Brenda went with the BBQ cauliflower and chickpea tacos. There were delicious and the portion size was huge. Just look at these bad boys.

Draught Horse Brewing - 2015-23

For such a new brewery, Draught Horse Brewing has their act together. I can see this place being packed on a regular basis given the great beer and food. We’ll definitely be stopping back for another visit.

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