Detroit Riverwalk

by | Jul 24, 2017 | Travel

The Detroit Riverwalk is a Detroit gem hiding in plain sight. It is Pure Detroit.

Detroit Riverwalk 

If you are like me, as you zoom down Jefferson, past Hart Plaza, you watch the cityscape flit past your car window. If you notice anything, it is the iconic landmarks like the “The Fist” or the “Spirit of Detroit.”  More than likely you are focused on either not getting lost or not being late. You know the Detroit River is there, on the other side of Atwater St. Park your car. Get out and explore the Detroit Riverwalk. I think you’ll enjoy it. 

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Renaissance Center

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The Fist

We couldn’t resist. We cut across Hart Plaza to get our mug shot with “The Fist.” This monument to Joe Louis expresses the power of his punch.

Detroit Riverwalk-12

Detroit Riverwalk-14


I had no idea the circle near the Hart Plaza’s entrance was a monument. This monument deserves a visit.

Wikipedia to the rescue

In 2000, the Michigan Labor History Society established a project to create a monument that would celebrate Michigan’s contributions to the labor movement. Funding was obtained from the United Automobile Workers, AFL–CIO, and other civic and labor organizations.

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Detroit Riverfront Conservancy 

A shout out to the Detroit Riverfront Conservancy. Their mission is to “Transform Detroit’s international riverfront – the face of the city – into a beautiful, exciting, safe, accessible world-class gathering place for all.”

We had a great time. Our friend Sharilyn snapped a picture of us. We got a few of our pictures from our visit to the Detroit Riverwalk in the gallery

Detroit Riverwalk --27

Perfect Pairings

A stroll along the Detroit Riverwalk is a perfectly paired with a visit to the Detroit Historical Museum, Detroit Public LibraryDetroit’s Eastern Market, the Guardian, Fisher or Belle Isle. The food and beer options are awesome. Here are just a few suggestions in Corktown: Batch Brewing or Mudgies’ Deli. In Midtown, there are Hopcat and Selden Standard.  

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