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Dark Horse Staff Brew Off 2017

by | Feb 24, 2017 | Beer | 0 comments

The Annual Dark Horse Staff Brew Off was on Saturday, February, 18, 2017, and again this year the beer garten was devoid of any snow sculptures. (Dare we whisper, “Global Warming?) Alright, I will forget science for today, enjoy the sunshine and focus on Dark Horse, their staff, and most importantly BEER. 

Dark Horse Staff Brew Off 

Dark Horse Staff Brew off-1

The Winners

Stolen from the Dark Horse Facebook page: 

Honorable Mention, 7th Place – 20 Votes
Team Noonie, KRIS & Toni
Swinging Jack’s Cherry Cordial

Honorable Mention, 6th Place – 21 Votes
Team Justin, Tanya & Julie
Dark-er Horse-er

5th Place – 22 Votes
Team Wiggs & Allen
Witching Hour Sour

4th Place – 29 Votes
Team Wiggs, Ryan, Haley & Kristy
Rainbow Brite & the Killer Coconuts Milk Stout

3rd Place – 36 Votes
Team Troy & Amy
Wabenero Hottermelon

2nd Place – 40 Votes
Team Ivy, TJ, John & Tyler
Double Mango Butt Chug IPA

1st Place – 42 Votes
Team Eric, Pat & Rodger
Uncle Buck’s Premium Pale Juice Ale

Dark Horse Staff Brew off-51

Congratulations to all the above! We are looking forward to tasting “Uncle Buck’s Preium Pale Juice Ale” in the Taproom and at the 2017 Festivals. 

The Crowds were “YUGE”   

The beer garten was packed! The crowds were YUGE, did I mention that? The lines were long, but they moved along swiftly. This meant you had plenty of time to enjoy your beer on this fine sunny day.

Dark Horse Staff Brew off-36

Dark Horse Staff Brew off-18

Dark Horse Staff Brew off-12

Dark Horse Staff Brew off-24

Dark Horse Staff Brew off-55

Dark Horse Staff

Jealous. Seriously, I’m jealous. I can’t help wishing I worked at Dark Horse. Granted, my day job is like the polar opposite of their work and I’d last about a nanosecond but I can’t help wishing. Thanks for making Dark Horse feel like home. Oh, and keep the beer flowing. 

Dark Horse Staff Brew off-31

Dark Horse Staff Brew off-33

Dark Horse Staff Brew off-47

Dark Horse Staff Brew off-43

Dark Horse Staff Brew off-34

Dark Horse Staff Brew off-10

Ice Sculptures 

The ice sculptures were impressive again this year. Even with temperatures in the 60’s, the Dark Horse team came through to provide a little winter fun.

Dark Horse Staff Brew off-13

Dark Horse Staff Brew off-14

Signs, Signs, Everywhere a Sign 

The staff get very creative with their beers and even more so with their signs. Who wouldn’t want a nice glass of “Rosie’s Sticky Nuts” or “Salty Sailor”?

Dark Horse Staff Brew off-8

Dark Horse Staff Brew off-19

Dark Horse Staff Brew off-45

Dark Horse Staff Brew off-49

Dark Horse Staff Brew off-58

Dark Horse Staff Brew off-66


Should never be confused with the other pasties

Dark Horse Staff Brew-off-60


We’ve got more photos of the event in our gallery. We’d love it if you’d share the pictures, but please give us photo credit. 

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