Buying a Kilt in Edinburgh

Buying a kilt in Edinburgh was very high on Chuck’s Scotland to-do list. In fact, it was the very first thing we did after lunch at the Albanach. I had no idea it could be so complicated.

Step 1:  Select your kiltmaker.

Chuck researched kiltmakers before leaving Michigan and selected Geoffrey (Tailor). I’m not sure why this one, but he was certain it was the one.

Buying Kilt Edinburgh Scotland

Score! Geoffrey (Tailor) Kiltmakers was just a short walk down High Street from the Albanach.


Step 2:  Find your Tartan.

This is pretty easy as there is a Scottish Tartans World Register.  Chuck’s tartan is the “Marshall” tartan. Imagine that!

Buying Kilt Edinburgh Scotland

Step 3: Get measured!

I wish that I had photograph but I don’t.  Check-out the video below if you’d like to see Chuck getting measured…

Step 4: Select your accessories.

OMG. I had no idea this could be so complicated: Buckles, Sporrans (aka man purse), Sgian Bubhs (that would Gaelic for small dagger), kilt pins and brooches, belts, chains… it was mind blowing.

Buying Kilt Edinburgh Scotland

Step 6:  Pay!

We finally ordered this beautiful kilt. They estimated it would take 6 months  to be delivered as they needed to weave the tartan before they would hand sew it.

Buying Kilt Edinburgh Scotland

All the gory details of our Scotland Trip….



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