Bethlehem Cemetery

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Bethlehem Cemetery – Ann Arbor, Michigan

Our final stop on the 2012 post-Thanksgiving research fieldtrip to de-tangle the Luick/Lewick tangle.

The Bethlehem Cemetery on Jackson Road in Ann Arbor, Michigan, was a treasure trove of history.

Bethlehem Cemetery

John David Luick Sr.’s brother.

Jacob Heinrich Luick 1796 – 1860

Jacob Hemrich Luick 1796 - 1860

We almost missed him. Chuck found him as we were headed to the car. The Grandfather of the Luick branch that moved to Iowa.

There are two “Luick” plots…

There are two brothers buried here: John David and Emanuel. There father was John David Luick Sr., who is buried in the Cemetery on Scio Church Rd..

The East Luick Plot

We found a few familiar names.

John David Luick 1838 – 1916

John David Luick 1838 - 1916

We presume his wife.

Catharine Luick 1845 – 1879

Catherine Luick 1845 - 1879

We are not sure about his mysterious woman. I am making the leap that she married to D.E. Beach and he died. She married Godfrey after Catharine died in 1879. I’m just guessing here. Since she died before Godfrey, I think it was nice he included D. E. Beach.

Bertha Luick 1874 – 1905

Bertha Luick (wife of D.E. Beach)

And if you turn around, you can see the

The West Luick Plot

Luick Headstone Bethlehem Cemetery

Emanuel Luick 1844 – 1920

Clearly he was the “Father”

Emanuel Luick 1844- 1920

Clearly the “Mother”

Eleanor Luick 1849 -1917

Eleanor Luick 1849 - 1917

Stuck in there was a son

Albert E. Luick 1878 – 1938

Albert E. Luick 1878 - 1938

And their daughter

Melinda A. Luick 1880 – 1958

Melinda A. Luick 1880 - 1958

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