Annual UP Fall Beer Festival 2012

by | Oct 14, 2012 | Beer

It was our first UP Fall Beer Festival but it was the 4th Annual UP Fall Beer Festival hosted by the Michigan Brewers Guild.

UP Beer Festival Sign

We found all of our favorite Michigan Craft Brewers. A bit like Christmas for Beer Enthusiasts.

Short’s Brewing Company


Dark Horse Brewing Co.

Dark Horse

Keweenaw Brewing Company


White Flame Brewing Company

A new favorite. I tried their Bourbon Barrel Black Sheep Black IPA. Oh my. So good and I don’t even like IPAs.

White Flame




You’ve never been to a beer festival? So here is how it works:

  1. Purchase your ticket (well in advance because these events sell out)
  2. Have a plan because there is a lot beer to taste
  3. You’ll receive a packet of tokens, one glass and a program (don’t lose any of these items)

UP Beer Program

Some enthusiasts dress up.

UP Beer Festival People

I lost my sunglasses and had to borrow a 20-year-old pair from Jeff. I’m pretty sure everyone thought I was from the Sons of Anarchy. I wasn’t trying to dress up. Customs are not mandatory.

Not Sons of Anarchy



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