Ann Arbor’s German Park

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I finally made it to German Park in July. It has been on my bucket list for a while.

German Park 2014
For over 75 years the German Park Recreation Club has been hosting picnics on the last Saturday in June, July and August. The club provides the live music, authentic German Food and German dance performances. You provide your friends, appetite, and games. The combination promises a good time.

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German Park 2014

Where is it located?

The park is on Pontiac Trail just north of Ann Arbor, which by the way, is an old Indian trail that ran between Ann Arbor and South Lyon. The park is easy to find and there is plenty of parking, but arrive early and be prepared to wait in line. We arrived about 20 minutes before the doors opened and our wait was pretty short.

German Park 2014

German Heritage

I wasn’t fully aware of much my Father’s German Heritage influenced our family life until after my visit to German Park. The food at German Park tasted similar to many of the meals I enjoyed growing up. All summer long there were parties and picnics hosted by first generation German families. These festivities were similar to the German Park picnic, except I don’t ever remember anyone dressing up in the cute dirndl dresses and lederhosen the dancers club members wore on Saturday but there was definitely beer and card games.

German Dance Performances

German Park 2014

German Park 2014

Table Strategy

There are plenty of tables and seating, but if you want a specific table you can nominate someone from your party to arrive really early and snag it by placing a table cloth on it. I was reassured this was allowed. Since there was a chance of rain, we wanted a table under a pavilion and close to the action. Sharilyn volunteered to secure our table. Thank you Sharilyn!

German Park 2014

Our table was perfectly located. We brought cards and played euchre most of the evening.

German Park 2014

German Park 2014

German Park 2014


The beer is served in white buckets.

German Park 2014

And if you drink enough of it you can build a tower!

German Park 2014


The food is authentic and good. I recommend getting it as soon as you arrive. It is served cafeteria style. The ladies serving the food are efficient and friendly. I made the mistake of telling Chuck that I’ve made sauerkraut. He is now planning to make it this fall. Ugh. I have to admit once you’ve had homemade sauerkraut the store bought stuff just doesn’t compare.

German Park 2014

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