Our Westfalia Camper is a Diva

Rattling Rita, our Westfalia Camper is a diva. She required afternoon siestas, spa treatments, and attention from her fans when we stopped. 

Chasing Nostalgia in a Vintage VW Campervan
Brew Detroit - Chef Tara
Zabriskie Point - Death Valley
Road Trip to Tybee Island-2

Road Trip to Tybee Island


Long Weekend in Escondido California

Long Weekend in Escondido California

We launched our California Desert Vacation with a long weekend in Escondido, California. We arrived with a list of area attractions including museums, wine, a zoo, and a few breweries. As we checked them off the list, we found a few surprises.

Bill Murray in Charleston, SC

Bill Murray in Charleston, SC

Five days searching for Bill Murray in Charleston, South Carolina produced not a single sighting but we made new friends, ate AMAZING food, learned a bit of history, and secured a list of the best dive bars! 

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