Spring Gardening: Tattoos and Tomatoes

by | May 26, 2014 | Food, Michigan

Please let the Spring Gardening begin! Mother nature was not kind this year. It was a long, cold Michigan Winter….

We had every intention of covering our raised garden beds with newspapers and leaves to help save the nutrients, but the snow arrived in November and never really melted.

Garden under Snow


Get out the Shovels

Last year, we tempted fate and planted our garden before Memorial Day. We nearly lost all our plants to frost. This year, we were good and waited. On Sunday, we broke out the shovels, uncovered our tattoos and played in the dirt. 

Spring Hops - Spring Gardening

Chuck quickly turned the soil and added some manure to give it a boost.

Chuck working the shovel - Spring Gardening


We bought our plants on Saturday during the Ann Arbor’s Farmer’s Market from Tantre Farm.

New Plants - Spring Gardening

Basil and Onions - Spring Gardening


Charlie the dog was very excited to have Chuck at his level.

A little tongue action - Spring Gardening

More tongue action - Spring Gardening


It is nice to see Chuck’s tattoos again- short sleeves and shorts!

Chuck - Spring Gardening

Dark Horse Tattoo - Spring Gardening


Radishes are great bug repellents! We sprinkle radish plants all over the garden. Hopefully we have enough to keep the Loopers away. Whoa! Last year it was Garden apocalypse when the loopers invaded.

Chuck planting radishes - Spring Gardening

Tomato Plants

Last year we lost our entire tomato crop to the “blight” so this year we gave each plant plenty of room to breath.

Planting Tomatoes - Spring Gardening


We scaled back on the number zucchini plants too. Lord, we had way too much zucchini last year!

Beware we have Zucchini - Spring Gardening


We have two varieties of kale this year. Kale plants last all summer long. Just harvest a few of the bottom leaves each week. We still have some in the freezer from last year.

Kale Plant - Spring Gardening


Last year we lost all our basil plants during the tomato blight. We have 8 plants this year! Hopefully we can make some pesto!

Basil - Spring Gardening


No garden is complete without a few hop plants.

Mt. Hood Hops - Spring Gardening

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