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First Taste of Scotland’s West Highland Way

by | Jul 9, 2012 | Travel | 0 comments

If you are just joining the blog conversation, Chuck and I spent 10 days hiking in Scotland. Our first taste of Scotland’s West Highland Way was in Kinlochleven, After stashing our bags  at the McDonald House and finding our rain gear, we started walking.

Our destination was a bit ambiguous.

Sign for hiking in Kinlochleven

We found a trailhead and eventually arrived at this spot looking over Kinlochleven.

Brenda Sodt Foster, Kinlochleven Scotland

Scottish Weather

It is everything the travel books said it would be and more.

“Is this a Bog?”

Chuck asked. Yes is the answer. We didn’t sort that out until much later.

Chuck Marshall, Kinlochleven bog

What is up with the slanted gates?

You couldn’t help wondering what they were keeping in or out? This question was never fully answered.

Chuck Marshall, Kinlochleven Gate


Lunch after hiking on the Highland Way always included a beer.

Brenda Sodt Foster, Bothy Bar

Vegetarian Haggis was on the menu. We were excited to try it.  As it turns out, it was always on the menu in Scotland.  We were pretty sick of vegetarian haggis before we left.

Bothy Bar Food

Are you looking for all the gory details regarding trip?

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