Gears, Beards, and Beers – Oh My!

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Journey with us to a land of steampunk, beards of all shapes and sizes, and some damn fine beers at Grand River Brewery in Jackson.

Gears, Beards, and Beers-II-2015-60

Capitol Steam and the Jackson Beard & Mustache Club put on the second annual Gears, Beards, and Beers event at the Grand River Brewery. The event featured a vendor fair of steampunk related items, beard contests in just about every category imaginable, and a costume contest. The event was free, unless you wanted to enter the beard contest or buy a raffle ticket for prize baskets. All the proceeds from the contest and raffle went to Cascades Humane Society. Oh, and there was a great band called Raven Song playing some great celtic music while embracing some cool steampunk costumes.

Gears, Beards, and Beers!

Gears, Beards, and Beers-II-2015-25

You may be wondering, what is steampunk? And what is Capitol Steam? Well, its not about steam cleaning done by punk rockers. I honestly only had a vague idea of what it was all about. I found a nice article on steampunk here at the Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences.

Gears, Beards, and Beers-II-2015-57

Capitol Steam is a group from the Lansing and Mid-Michigan area who celebrate and promote steampunk related events where folks can enjoy the costumes and  improvisational acting. While steampunk attire wasn’t mandatory at the event, it did make for some fun. There were some great costumes that reflected the passion and love for the art and craft skills necessary to put together these outfits.

Gears, Beards, and Beers-II-2015-27
Gears, Beards, and Beers-II-2015-39

Beard Clubs

While the Gears, Beards, and Beers event is hosted by the Jackson Beard and Mustache Club, there were other clubs in attendance such as the Detroit Sinners, Murder City, Mad Vikings, and Beards of the Old Northwest.

Gears, Beards, and Beers-II-2015-36
Gears, Beards, and Beers-II-2015-107
Gears, Beards, and Beers-II-2015-41
Gears, Beards, and Beers-II-2015-102

Raven Song

Raven Song were very entertaining. They played some a great mix of Celtic music which included old standards such as “Whiskey In The Jar”. They also played “Gael” which I always think of as the music in “Last of the Mohicans” where Uncas is killed trying to save Alice and then Chingachgook races in and kicks Magua’s ass. Its a very emotional tune and Raven Song did a fantastic rendition.

Gears,Beards, and Beers-II-2015-3
Gears,Beards,and Beers-II-2015-13
Gears,Beards,and Beers-II-2015-14
Gears,Beards,and Beers-II-2015-16

Faux Beards

To make sure the follically challenged were able to participate, the beard contest included some truly outstanding fake beards.

Gears,Beards, and Beers-II-2015-82
Gears,Beards, and Beers-II-2015-85
Gears,Beards, and Beers-II-2015-86

This young lady went all out and then some!

Gears,Beards, and Beers-II-2015-93

Real Beards and Mustaches

Gears,Beards, and Beers-II-2015-92

There were a bunch of different categories for judging those who like to grow facial hair.

Gears,Beards, and Beers-II-2015-129

There were mustaches.
Gears,Beards, and Beers-II-2015-98

There were partial beards.

Gears,Beards, and Beers-II-2015-104

Gears,Beards, and Beers-II-2015-101

There were beards under 8 inches.


There were beards over 8 inches


And there were also freestyle categories where some guys really went all out!


This guy went for double freestyle



The great beers at Grand River Brewery were a nice addition to the Gears, Beards, and Beers event. The Breakfast Rye PA and Monkey Mouth IPA were hits with us. The Rye PA had just a hint of sweetness, but a lot of body and flavor. The brewery was packed with folks and they had the waitstaff really hoping to keep up. It was cool to see that bartenders embraced the dress theme.


Stay in Touch

Gears, Beards, and Beers was a great event and a lot of fun. Put this on your list for next year as its open to everyone. Be sure to check out the gallery as we have a ton more pictures from the event. If you went to Gears, Beards, and Beers, lets us know. Leave us a comment or send us a message. We love to hear your stories.

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