Fuzz Fest II – Day 1 of 3

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Celebrating all things rock, Fuzz Fest brought a diverse line-up of 33 bands who put on an incredible rock show for the fans.

Fuzz Fest II – Day 1

Fuzz Fest entered its second year in fine fashion at the Blind Pig in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The festival is the creation of Chris Taylor with help from his friends Jeremy Wheeler (Bang! Media), Jef Porkins (bass for Scissor Now), and James Symons who put together their love of music and plenty of sweat to provide a showcase for gritty fuzzy indie rock from Michigan. The Overhead Army handled lighting using the 60’s psychedelic technique of colored oils and water in a clear container set on top of overhead projectors as well as some other retro lighting effects. This definitely added to the fuzzy ambiance.

Fred Thomas

Fuzz Fest II - FredThomas-BlindPig-AnnArbor_MI-20150611-ChuckMarshall-003

Fuzz Fest II got things rolling on Thursday, June 11 with Fred Thomas. Everything he needed was in a small suitcase in front of him. It was as if the gold radiating briefcase from Pulp Fiction came alive with the waking dreams of Pink Floyd. He did a short set, but it was memorable. Check out the gallery for more pictures of Fred Thomas.

Fuzz Fest II - FredThomas-BlindPig-AnnArbor_MI-20150611-ChuckMarshall-001

Zen Banditos

Fuzz Fest II - ZenBanditos-BlindPig-AnnArbor_MI-20150611-ChuckMarshall-008

The Zen Banditos were a hard rocking groove machine of guitar, bass, and drums. Guitarist Andy Furda mentioned after the set that they had been the band behind Mike Hard. With Mike not doing many shows, they kept the band going. They cranked out some fine tunes. Seeing a full set would be a treat as they guys rock with a heavy soul. Stop by the gallery to see more pictures of Zen Banditos.

Fuzz Fest II - ZenBanditos-BlindPig-AnnArbor_MI-20150611-ChuckMarshall-004
Fuzz Fest II - ZenBanditos-BlindPig-AnnArbor_MI-20150611-ChuckMarshall-005


Fuzz Fest II - Decisions-BlindPig-AnnArbor_MI-20150611-ChuckMarshall-001

Tapping into the indie punk vibe was the band Decisions. They played a quick set of tunes and got a good response from the crowd. They sort of reminded me of Dinosaur Jr. with a hint of Fugazi. We’ve got more pictures of Decisions in the gallery.

Fuzz Fest II - Decisions-BlindPig-AnnArbor_MI-20150611-ChuckMarshall-004
Fuzz Fest II - Decisions-BlindPig-AnnArbor_MI-20150611-ChuckMarshall-006


Fuzz Fest II - Casino-BlindPig-AnnArbor_MI-20150611-ChuckMarshall-001

If you can imagine translating the writing of Allen Ginsberg and Ken Kesey into music, you would have the sounds created by Casino. Using various methods of percussion combined with clarinet, haunting vocal riffs, and Hendrix inspired guitar, the band crafted very original and unique music. You can see more pictures of Casino in the gallery.

Fuzz Fest II - Casino-BlindPig-AnnArbor_MI-20150611-ChuckMarshall-002
Fuzz Fest II - Casino-BlindPig-AnnArbor_MI-20150611-ChuckMarshall-003


Fuzz Fest II - Minihorse-BlindPig-AnnArbor_MI-20150611-ChuckMarshall-004

Minihorse had a great indie rock sound. The music was very approachable with catchy riffs and melodies. The band played with relaxed authority. The drum riffs easily bored into your brain. Check out more pictures of Minihorse in the gallery.

Fuzz Fest II - Minihorse-BlindPig-AnnArbor_MI-20150611-ChuckMarshall-003
Fuzz Fest II - Minihorse-BlindPig-AnnArbor_MI-20150611-ChuckMarshall-006

Wizard Union

Fuzz Fest II - WizardUnion-BlindPig-AnnArbor_MI-20150611-ChuckMarshall-005

Tony Iommi would have made the sign of the cross after one song from Wizard Union. The band are Fuzz Fest veterans and have upped their game with a much tighter set and an immense stoner groove. You can feel the Earth move when these guys jam. Check out more pictures of Wizard Union in the gallery.

Fuzz Fest II - WizardUnion-BlindPig-AnnArbor_MI-20150611-ChuckMarshall-008
Fuzz Fest II - WizardUnion-BlindPig-AnnArbor_MI-20150611-ChuckMarshall-004


Fuzz Fest II - 800beloved-BlindPig-AnnArbor_MI-20150611-ChuckMarshall-006

Glowing in dream pop laced with a bit of Sonic Youth and The Smiths, 800beloved crafted lovely harmonies and captivating melodies.  The drummer looked familiar and it turns out he was also the guitar/vocals for Minihorse. This is a solid band with a bright future. Check out the gallery for more pictures of 800beloved.

Fuzz Fest II - 800beloved-BlindPig-AnnArbor_MI-20150611-ChuckMarshall-008
Fuzz Fest II - 800beloved-BlindPig-AnnArbor_MI-20150611-ChuckMarshall-007

The Howling Loud

Fuzz Fest II - HowlingLoud-BlindPig-AnnArbor_MI-20150611-ChuckMarshall-006

The Howling Loud embrace indie rock with arms wide open. It is not very often that you hear a diamond plate mesa boogie swimming in reverb and bopping rock riffs. There were hints of the Von Blondies in their sound, but they make their own music. There are more pictures in the gallery.

Fuzz Fest II - HowlingLoud-BlindPig-AnnArbor_MI-20150611-ChuckMarshall-004
Fuzz Fest II - HowlingLoud-BlindPig-AnnArbor_MI-20150611-ChuckMarshall-005


Fuzz Fest II - Nightbringer-BlindPig-AnnArbor_MI-20150611-ChuckMarshall-006

The pace accelerated to breakneck speeds when Nightbringer hit the stage. They were fast, loud, and relentless. The band brought a ton of energy to the stage and spewed it all over the crowd. Go see this band if you enjoy hardcore punk played with rage. Stop by the gallery for more pictures.

Fuzz Fest II - Nightbringer-BlindPig-AnnArbor_MI-20150611-ChuckMarshall-015
Fuzz Fest II - Nightbringer-BlindPig-AnnArbor_MI-20150611-ChuckMarshall-007


Fuzz Fest II - Congress-BlindPig-AnnArbor_MI-20150611-ChuckMarshall-006

Congress defines the essence of Fuzz Fest with an unbridled post-punk extravaganza. It was clear from the start that they love the music they play. This enthusiasm for music infected the crowd and cranked the emotional volume. Well played Congress, well played. Check into the gallery for more pictures.

Fuzz Fest II - Congress-BlindPig-AnnArbor_MI-20150611-ChuckMarshall-005
Fuzz Fest II - Congress-BlindPig-AnnArbor_MI-20150611-ChuckMarshall-001

The Amino Acids

Fuzz Fest II - AminoAcids-BlindPig-AnnArbor_MI-20150611-ChuckMarshall-005

A Thursday night (or was it Friday morning) would not be complete without tripping out on surf music. The Amino Acids take Dick Dale on an alien space quest. With the theremin wailing, the band played intense and amazingly good surf music with just a bit of a twisted edge. What a way to end the first day of Fuzz Fest II. Stop into the gallery for more pictures.

Fuzz Fest II - AminoAcids-BlindPig-AnnArbor_MI-20150611-ChuckMarshall-003
Fuzz Fest II - AminoAcids-BlindPig-AnnArbor_MI-20150611-ChuckMarshall-016

Stay Tuned and in Touch

Day 2 of Fuzz Fest will be posted shortly. Did you attend Fuzz Fest II?? If so, leave us a comment or send us a message. We love to hear your stories.

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