Detroit Auto Show ROCKS!

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The Detroit Auto Show Rocks!

On Tuesday, I went to the Delta SkyMiles American Express preview of the Detroit Auto Show (aka the North American International Auto Show) with my friends Jeff and Rick.

For the last three years, Rick has been able to score tickets to the preview for us through Delta and American Express.  We almost didn’t make it this year as the show sold out.  However, Rick was able to use his smooth social skills to get us tickets.  It probably didn’t hurt that the American Express rep is a University of Michigan alumni!

This preview is definitely the way to see the show.  We were like kids in a candy store!

Kids in a Candy Store

Our first stop was to get a beer and meet the hosts from History Channel’s Counting Cars, Danny Koker and Kevin Mack.  They looked like our kind of people.

Danny Koker and Kevin Mack from Counting Cars

The media presence for the show was definitely much higher this year than the past two years.  NBC was in attendance, and the reporter was not pleased that we were watching her as she did take after take.

NBC news person unhappy at auto show

The car she was referencing was this smoking Acura NSX hybrid

Acura NSX hybrid


Acura NSX hybrid nice!

The Honda Indy car was in attendance and some boob was trying to figure out just how the hell he could fit in the cockpit.

Honda  Indy with boob

Range Rover

I guess I’m use to those vehicles from the old Mutual of Omaha shows where they are riding off road in the Serengeti.  This is fine ride, but looks pretty tame.

Range Rover


We then wandered over to the Mercedes-Benz area to check out the gull winged SLS AMG.  Rick thought the interior fit like a glove.

Mercedes SLS AMG Gullwing


Rick in the gullwing

The G63 AMG looks a bit more ready to rumble than the Range Rover, but I’m still thinking that this ride is not getting off road any time soon.

Mercedes 11g

The glowing blue Mercedes electric concept car was icy blue and quite stunning.

Mercedes Electric concept


Audi had a nice array of vehicles.  The R8 was sleek with some great lines.  The interior was snug, like you’d expect in a sports car.

Audi R8


Red Audi's in a row


Ever wonder what it is like to sit in a $300,000 car?  It’s a bit surreal.  Rick enjoyed the new convertible Bentley.

Rick in the Bentley Speed Convertible

There is definitely an air of sophistication to the Mulsanne.

Bentley Mulsanne

The interior is equally impressive with the polish wood.  This is the view the chauffer has.  I’m pretty sure if you own one of these cars, you aren’t actually driving it!

Bentley Mulsanne dash


BMW offers some very classy rides.

BMW 4 series

And had a fun setup for the Mini John Cooper Paceman.

Mini John Cooper Works Paceman display


What else can you say, but Carrera!  Its easy to get carried away in capturing the images of so many beautiful cars.  Rick and Jeff were taking in the sights at the Porche display.

Porche in a row

Jeff is amazed at the cars

Ferrari and Maserati

Ferrari and Maserati have returned to the auto show this year.  The F12 Berlinetta and Gran Turismo are very fine rides indeed.

Ferrari F12 looking HOT


Maserati Gran Turismo


GM has made a lot of headway since the disaster of the previous two years.  The Cadillac ELR got lots of attention from the car geeks

Car nerds attack Cadillac ELR


Cadillac ELR Hybrid

The Ceil concept was impressive in its mass and its graceful profile

Cadillac Ceil concept

The Challenger calls back to the age of the muscle car, but at 45k, with plastic doors, I can find a better way to spend my money!

Dodge Challenger

The new Stingray is sharp.  They had a model on the floor and another on the wall.

Corvette Stingray


Corvette Stingray on the wall

Chrysler and Jeep

We didn’t spend a hell of a lot of time checking out the trucks and SUVs.  Frankly, 60k for a plastic door F150 ¾ ton pickup seems excessive.  Yet, the concept Jeep Dragon and Rubicon were cool to sit in and view.

Jeep Dragon concept


Jeep Rubicon concept

The SRT Viper stands on its own and in my opinion its bounds above the new Stingray.

Dodge Viper SRT


Fiat is struggling in the USA.  They may have bailed out Chrysler, but they still don’t get much local love.  You have to admit the 500 is a devilish little rambler.

Fiat 500


Beverage break!

Rick is a very social man and found his way into the Infinity party where we enjoyed some top shelf beverages.  Rick enjoyed a fine Cabernet.  Jeff had a Grey Goose.  I fancied a Woodford Reserve (craft bourbon)!

Enjoying some nice beverages at the Infinity party

We then headed back to our host area for some food and beverages!  Have I mentioned this is a great gig!

Ford lounge for the Delta Skymiles party


We rounded out our evening with a visit to Kia who had some impressive vehicles, including a couple of fun mobiles (Green Lantern and Bat mobiles).

Kia Green Lantern


Kia Bat Mobile

Overall, you can’t help but love the festivities and excitement of the Detroit Auto Show.  While I’m delighted that the car companies are recovering and doing well, I do think that diversification of Detroit and Michigan’s economy is essential.  The renewal of the auto industry will shine a light on the wealth of talent this state has to offer the world.

For more photos, check here

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