Beer Grotto – It’s What’s For Dinner

by | Dec 19, 2014 | Beer

Are you looking for a great beer or wine for dinner (or lunch, or breakfast, or…well anytime), then you should check out the Beer Grotto. We stopped by their shop in Dexter, Michigan to see what they had to offer.

Beer Grotto - Dexter - 2014

The Beer Grotto just opened recently in Dexter and is setup to open up stores in Ann Arbor and Lansing in the near future. Its not just another bar. You can shop for a beer or wine to go, or you can hang out a bit and enjoy a beverage.

A Wall of Beer

Beer Grotto - Dexter - 2014

When you walk in you have a vast array of beer and wine to check out with very friendly folks helping you in your selection. You get 3 free tastes and can buy extra tastes if needed. The focus is on Michigan products which had us smiling.

Beer Grotto - Dexter - 2014

The Beer Grotto has some cool looking vessels to fill up with your favorite beer. They also sell bottles of beer and wine in case you weren’t looking for a growler (or howler, whatever you want to call it). Snacks are available in case you get a hungry. The truffle popcorn was addictive.

Lounging at the Grotto

Beer Grotto - Dexter - 2014

I think the best part about the Beer Grotto is the lounge area. In Dexter, they have a fantastic mural on the back wall that had me feeling like I was having a beer in Middle Earth. I could have swore that Frodo Baggins was sitting next to me. With comfortable and cozy seating options, you’ll start to feel like you are just hanging out in a sweet looking living room. The lounge bar has this crazy flame backdrop which can be hypnotizing.

Beer Grotto - Dexter - 2014

We all enjoyed our visit to the Beer Grotto and we are definitely looking forward to having them open up in Ann Arbor. Drop into the gallery to check out more pictures of our adventure. If you have been out to the Beer Grotto, lets us know. Stay in touch for all our stories by signing up for our email newsletter. We are also on FacebookTwitter and Tumblr.  Cheers!




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