2016 Detroit Fall Beer Festival

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The 8th Annual Detroit Fall Beer Festival was on Oct 21 & 22, 2016 in Eastern Market. There were over 800 beers, perfect October weather, and thousands of smiling happy people. The old saying, “beer makes me happy” was certainly true this past weekend in Detroit’s Eastern Market.

Detroit Fall Beer Festival 2016-286

Detroit Fall Beer Festival

Chuck and I parted ways not long after we arrived. Me with my pocket full of tokens and Chuck with his camera strapped to his waist and his wizardly beard waving in the breeze. His mission to take the perfect picture. Mine a bit simpler, decide which of the 800 beers to sample. Eventually he found me in the crowd and my pocket was nearly empty and his camera full of amazing pictures.

With my brain still a little foggy, my mission is now a bit more complicated! Sure, it sounds easy, selecting a few of Chuck’s 295 pictures he considers “keepers” and telling you a story. “Come listen to my story about a man named Jed, A poor mountaineer, barely kept his family fed, And then one day he was shooting.” Oh wait, sorry about that, not sure which part of my brain conjured up that jingle.

Beer we can’t stop talking about!

One Well’s Root Beer Float Stout tasted exactly like a root beer float. I’d actually like one right now, but I’ve got to finish this post! Jeff and Chuck both sampled the “Bloody Xalapa” (Xalapa with Bloody Mary mix) and it got two thumbs up from both of them. The beer itself isn’t spicy, however the mix has some kick.

Detroit Fall Beer Fest 2016-132

Detroit Fall Beer Fest 2016-134

Brewery Frement‘s Grahamellow was partially the reason why my tokens disappeared so fast. This beer tasted just like the name suggests. And you definitely can’t have just one.

Detroit Fall Beer Fest 2016-31

Drafting Table Brewing in Wixom was totally new to us. It definitely needs to be added to an upcoming beer tour. I had the Rye Whiskey Mean Vanilla Bean. When I mentioned this Chuck, he said in a rather incredulous voice, “Oh really?” (I’m not sure he thinks I took my mission seriously!) “Yes, really,” I said with a haughty voice.

Detroit Fall Beer Fest 2016-146

It is good we didn’t discover Axle Brewing’s Mother Handsom Double IPA #2 until the end of the festival. Holy smokes was it good, but notice that little word “Double.”

Detroit Fall Beer Fest 2016-270

When you combine the roaring flames of Shorts Brewing’s new bar designed by SpeedCult, Dan’s Pink Skirt and the intensity of thousands of Michigan Beer enthusiasts you’ve found metal drinking Narvana.

Detroit Fall Beer Fest 2016-263

Jay from Tri-City Brewing needs to bottle “Gin Jack” OMG! If you like Gin this beverage has your name all over it.

Detroit Fall Beer Fest 2016-35

Chuck is still talking about Baffin’s Bob Barley Coffee Beer. He said, “It had this great coffee taste, but yet it was beer so you’ve got the best of both worlds.”

Detroit Fall Beer Festival 2016-294

Batch Brewing’s Frodo Lives was on our beer list. Sadly, it was gone before we found Batch in the back of Shed 6! So I sampled, I “C” what you did there (Cask) – Wild Ale.  (Yeah, I know the guide says Friday only, but they still had some.) You can’t go wrong with Stephen’s beer.

Detroit Fall Beer Festival 2016-233

Chuck said his beverage of choice from Stormcloud Brewing was Thirty-One Planes, an Imperial IPA. When I asked him what he liked about it, he couldn’t quite come up with an answer. He said something about being “Enlightened” after drinking it. I think he may have a crush on these guys. Hell, I’ve got a crush just looking at the picture.

Detroit Fall Beer Festival 2016-114

Smiling Faces

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Detroit Fall Beer Festival 2016-210

Detroit Fall Beer Fest 2016-290

Detroit Fall Beer Fest 2016-244

Detroit Fall Beer Fest 2016-253

Detroit Fall Beer Fest 2016-237

Detroit Fall Beer Fest 2016-214

Detroit Fall Beer Fest 2016-53

Detroit Fall Beer Fest 2016-227


Slim Gypsy Baggage are beer fest veteran’s as they played the 2016 Winter Beer Fest out in Grand Rapids.  Just as in Grand Rapids, we loved their soulful grooves and energy. If you love some tasty guitar playing, soul hugging rhythms, and sultry vocals that make your heart sing, then Slim Gypsy Baggage is right up your alley. We kept swinging by the music tent to enjoy their music as we indulged in our tasty beverages. A big thumbs up to whoever on the guild is booking the music, as they usually have some great local jams at each festival.

Detroit Fall Beer Fest 2016-173

Detroit Fall Beer Fest 2016-168

Detroit Fall Beer Fest 2016-166

Detroit Fall Beer Fest 2016-171

Detroit Fall Beer Fest 2016-164


As they say, “A picture is worth a thousand words!”

Detroit Fall Beer Fest 2016-20

Detroit Fall Beer Fest 2016-277

Detroit Fall Beer Fest 2016-274

Detroit Fall Beer Fest 2016-269

Detroit Fall Beer Fest 2016-224

Detroit Fall Beer Fest 2016-181

Favorite Festival

It doesn’t take long for the question to pop-up, “Which is your favorite beer festival?” Everyone has their favorite and if you ask a Michigan Beer Enthusiast, they will share their opinion and it will be as varied as the beer they like. But I think we can all agree, the Detroit Fall Beer Festival has the best food. Seriously, who can beat Slow’s, Grand Trunk Pub and Detroit Beer Co? It was a rhetorical question you don’t need to answer.  Let us know which is your favorite and why in the comments below.

Detroit Fall Beer Fest 2016-178
Detroit Fall Beer Fest 2016-179

Until Next year!

The Detroit Fall Beer Festival was the last of the Michigan Brewers Guild 2016 festivals, but thankfully, the Winter Beer Festival is just a few months away in February. Be sure to take a peek in the gallery.

Detroit Fall Beer Fest 2016-15

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